Dining Furniture

Besp-Oak NZ offers a wide selection of wooden dining furniture from dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards and hutch dressers.

Our solid oak Besp-Oak dining tables are built to last a lifetime with a large range of sizes available.  Mix these with our many dining chair options to create a dining suite of your choice.

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Horizontal Slats Solid Oak Dining Chair

Product Code: SAL011


Besp-Oak 1m to 1.4m Extension Dining Table

Vancouver 1000mm Extension Dining Table

Product code: NB058


Besp-Oak 1.4m Extension Dining Table
Besp-Oak 1.8m to 2.3m Extension Dining Table
Besp-Oak 1.9m to 2.5m Extension Dining Table

Vancouver Oak 1930mm Extension Dining Table

Product code: VXD001


Vancouver Oak Classic Dining Chair

Vancouver Oak Classic Dining Chair

Product code: NB004


Vancouver Oak Classic Dining Chair with Bi-Cast seat
Besp-Oak Hutch

Vancouver Oak Hutch

Product code: NB002H


Vancouver Oak Hutch Dresser

Vancouver Oak Hutch Dresser

Product code: VXD004


Besp-Oak Rectangular Dining Table

Vancouver Oak Rectangular Cafe Table

Product code: NB072


Vancouver Oak Round Dining Table

Vancouver Oak Round Dining Table

Product code: NB125a


Besp-Oak Round Extension Dining Table
25% OFF!

Vancouver Oak Round Extension Dining Table

Product code: NB082


Besp-Oak Sideboard

Vancouver Oak Sideboard

Product code: NB002B


Besp-Oak Slat Dining Chair

Vancouver Oak Slat Dining Chair

Product code: NB044



Vancouver Oak Small Bench Seat

Product Code: NB197 (suits NB005 table)


Besp-Oak Small Sideboard

Vancouver Oak Small Sideboard

Product code: NB001B


Besp-Oak Small Square Cafe Dining Table
Besp-Oak Small Square Dining Table

Vancouver Oak Small Square Dining Table

Product code: VXD014


Besp-Oak Tall Wine Cabinet

Vancouver Oak Tall Wine Cabinet

Product code: NB045


Besp-Oak Wine Sideboard

Vancouver Oak Wine Sideboard

Product code: NB018