Design Process



Whether you contact us in person or online the first step for us is the same - to identify your project specifics and timeline. How we go about this will depend on your location and circumstances. For a renovation, we may arrange a site visit with one of our senior designers for a comprehensive consultation, or if your project is a new home you may wish to make an appointment and bring your plans for a consultation in our showroom.







Once we have your initial design draft ready, we can show you through this in our showroom, in your home or online. This part of the process is the same whether we are with you in person or whether you are somewhere else in NZ, as it will be computer based. From within our design software, we can show you different perspectives of your new kitchen, along with wall elevations and floor plans. We can also move around the kitchen in 3D or virtual reality view so you can view it from any angle or perspective. No problem if you are elsewhere in the country - by using a screen sharing application, we can be discussing this with you even while making changes in real time as you watch.  





If you live too far away for a personal visit to be practical, we can do everything online. In fact, this is how we do a large part of our business.  For a renovation, we just need a basic floor plan of your kitchen with accurate measurements and placement of doors and windows. It's also helpful for you to provide us with photographs of your existing room. We can either call you or provide you with a detailed online questionnaire to further establish your needs and preferences before we commence the actual design.