Our System

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets were crafted from solid timber by highly skilled joiners and cabinet makers. Unfortunately, the high cost of materials and labour coupled with a diminishing number of skilled craftsmen has resulted in these kitchens becoming difficult to source and often prohibitively expensive.

Instead, virtually all NZ kitchens are now made from Particle Board (Chipboard) and MDF, (Medium Density Fibreboard). These products are engineered from wood waste combined with resin under heat and pressure. Even the imported German Kitchens are made from these products - perhaps unsurprisingly as particle board was actually invented in Germany.

Particle board and MDF are cheap to manufacture and have some great applications in sheet form. However, their inability to securely hold screws and propensity to soak up water like a sponge means that these products are neither well suited to joinery applications nor to use in wet areas like kitchens.

Frustrated with the sole options of either a relatively expensive engineered wood kitchen with only limited durability and life-span, or the very expensive and long drawn out process of commissioning a hand-built solid timber kitchen but built to last, we decided there had to be another way.

Using the production concept of our original furniture range, we decided to develop a range of kitchen cabinets that would also be built from solid timber using the traditional methods of dovetail, tongue & groove and mortise & tenon joinery. A range of cabinets and accessories in set sizes, completely finished so as to be installed joined together for a conventional kitchen layout or as individual freestanding cabinets if preferred.

Building the cabinets offshore means lower manufacturing costs while large production runs of each cabinet further provide an economy of scale.  This enables us to offer a durable and high quality ready-built product at a very competitive price. From an initial range of a little over 20 different designs two years ago we are now approaching 60 different design options with those in current production. 

Having a pre-determined product range enables us to keep a large inventory of fully finished product in our Tauranga warehouse. That means that once a kitchen design is complete and the customer ready, it should be possible to immediately pick the appropriate products from stock for distribution and installation NZ wide. With each fully finished product individually packed in a carton, shipping is a simple exercise.

When you invest in a new kitchen, it should be for 25 years and therefore the style must transcend decades. Our cabinets are designed and built in the classic “Shaker” style, created in the 18th century but still incredibly popular in the 21st century. It will simply never date.

Our cabinets are now available from our Tauranga warehouse in either a natural oil finish or a paint finish.