Frequently asked Questions


How can you provide a product of this quality at such a good price?

In a word – “globalisation”. Our raw Oak is sourced from North America or Europe and shipped to Vietnam where our products are then manufactured to our detailed design specification in individual cabinet production runs.  This provides cost-efficiencies in manufacturing not possible in NZ, plus economies of scale. Manufacturing global products in China and South East Asia is of course now standard practice – the quintessential USA Apple iPhone and computers are of course Chinese made, but not many would be aware that Toyota have not built the venerable Hilux utility (or its componentry) in Japan for 15 years – preferring to use countries like Thailand, where in fact all the major Japanese brand utility vehicles are manufactured.


Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is emerging as the new global destination for manufacturing, particularly for European based companies with a traditionally high cost of manufacturing. Vietnam is a relatively easy place to do business and has good availability of skilled craftsmen.  More importantly, Vietnam encourages foreigners to build and own businesses there, usually staffed and controlled by their own people. In our experience of visiting Vietnam over many years, these European companies not only provide additional employment but look after their local Vietnamese employees well in their generally superior culture in ethical business standards.  This tends to result in better work conditions and employee welfare, often seen in free transportation to and from work, meals and better wages. So a win-win often results.


Is your timber sourced sustainably?

Absolutely. Oak is endemic to colder northern hemisphere latitudes and is sustainably plantation grown in Europe and North America.


Are your Oak kitchens manufactured from 100% solid timber?

The majority of each cabinet is crafted from solid Oak, most importantly the frames. The rear panels are made from solid Oak tongue and groove jointed planks, and drawer panels, door frames and shelves are solid Oak. The thinner infill panels in the cupboard doors and the infill panels in the sides of the cabinets are made from plywood with a genuine oak veneer applied to give a natural finish. Plywood is made by cross laminating thin layers of natural timber in opposing grain directions, so it is both stronger and more stable than a panel from a single piece of timber of the same thickness.  A thinner solid timber panel of the required dimension would be susceptible to warping and splitting over time. Trees are simply not designed to be used that way!


What finishes do you offer?

Our cabinets are finished in our factory in either a standard paint finish or with a natural oil finish. The paint is a durable two-pack automotive type paint in the colour Resene Milk White. The oil is a very durable tung oil which provides excellent scratch, water and chemical resistance. It is a natural product made of raw tung, soy and linseed oils which absorbs into the wood, emphasizing its natural grain patterns. You can read more about the tung oil we use here.

We can also arrange for your cabinets to be repainted in another colour locally at an additional cost.


What type of drawer runner systems do you use?

While we value traditional systems, our one concession to modernity is the inclusion of high-end soft-close drawer mechanisms.  We use full extension Movento under mounted runners from industry leaders Blum of Austria as standard in all our cabinets. We can add a push-to-open option on request.


You use standard butt hinges for your cabinet doors rather than the more common concealed versions rebated into the cabinet sides and doors – why is that?

Quite simply because we can! Conventional MDF & particleboard cabinet panels and doors can’t be used with butt hinges as the screws that mount the hinges would simply pull out of the material after the door had been opened and closed a few times. The screws holding our butt hinges screw into solid hardwood so will not pull out with use. Butt hinges are also more stable, do not create a protrusion into your cabinet space and importantly can carry far more weight.  The weight factor is critical for our larder cabinets with storage racks on the inside of the doors.


Can you customise my cabinets?

As our business model is based on the huge savings we are able to offer in the provision of ready-built cabinets, this is not something we normally advocate. Having said that, however, we now have a joinery workshop with skilled craftsmen in our new Tauranga facility. Whilst our primary task is building shelving, worktops and fridge enclosures from solid oak, we have the resources to carry out modifications or to construct a one-off cabinet. Please just don't ask us for a fully custom built kitchen!


Can you design my kitchen layout for me?

Yes, for sure! Our designers are experienced professionals highly competent with our industry-leading European design software. The process normally starts either with a meeting at our Tauranga showroom or an online Zoom meeting if this is more convenient or if you are located elsewhere in NZ. It is very important to us that we commence any potential kitchen project by building a designer/client relationship to ensure that we best understand your individual needs and wants. The next step is the provision of your house plans to us or a site measure by us. We will then create a draft design based on your plan and your specific requirements, including various 3D perspectives, elevations and floor plans.  This will be followed by a further design consultation in our showroom, in your home, or anywhere nationwide from our Tauranga base with online meetings and screen-sharing to refine your design “one-on-one” in real-time. So, it doesn’t matter where in NZ you live for us to be able to provide an identical level of consultation and service. We have even designed and supplied the full kitchen, scullery and laundry cabinetry for a significant private lodge development in Victoria, Australia using the internet solely for consultation.


Do you provide installation?

We have highly skilled installers available for installations In Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. However their services are always in high demand, so plenty of advance notice is required – particularly in the last quarter of the year. If you wish to use your own builder/carpenter then we are happy to provide them with any information they may request that is specific to the installation of our cabinets.


Can I install the cabinets myself?

Absolutely, and we will provide advice. Assuming your floors are level, your walls plumb and corners square then the installation is straightforward. Quick Tip - The house with all of the above has yet to be built !! - it’s actually a question of how far out the relative dimensions are... However, every cabinet has concealed adjustable feet inside each leg to allow for some height adjustment if required. So, all you really need are competent DIY skills plus a spirit level, tape measure and cordless drill/driver. A laser level is not essential but definitely beneficial in establishing how level and plumb your floor and walls are before you commence installation and further, to provide a line to work to during installation.


Is there any assembly required with your cabinets?

All of our cabinets bar one are supplied fully built-up and packed in individual cartons. Our cabinets are built traditionally with dovetails, mortise and tenon and tongue & groove joints - not made up of panels held together with screws - so it would be impossible to flat pack them!  The exception is our cabinet for a standard floor standing dishwasher. This cabinet is constructed in panels which bolt together because the dishwasher needs to be able to be slid into place under the benchtop once the kitchen is built, meaning it cannot have a fully fixed front panel.


Can you provide appliances?

Yes. While we stock and recommend the premium UK appliance range in Belling, we can also offer the largest range of brands of all types of kitchen appliances in NZ through our appliance partners. We can also arrange an appointment for you in a private showroom in Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch or Queenstown where you can discuss all options and price-points with the most knowledgeable staff through to purchasing directly from the distributor at commercial pricing rates.


Can you ship your kitchens anywhere in NZ?

No problem. We have been doing this for years with our Oak furniture, so we have established relationships with reliable freight partners who specialise in furniture transportation. We are able to ship kitchens to the South Island at very good rates using a backload arrangement with South Island based furniture carriers.


What warranty do you offer?

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the structure of our oak kitchen cabinetry. By “Lifetime”, we mean not limited by time. We believe this is unmatched in NZ. We can do this because our cabinets are essentially made using solid oak hardwood with the traditional joinery techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. Many of us in NZ still have solid oak furniture pieces in our families that have been handed down through multiple generations. You certainly won’t find that with MDF and particleboard, even though it has been around for 70 years!  Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.


Are you an NZ company?

Yes, BespOak is wholly-owned by Joblin Holdings Ltd., a family operated company that has been in business for more than 40 years and now based in Tauranga.


Where can I view your kitchens?

In January 2021 we opened our new showroom at 31 Whakakake St., Tauriko, Tauranga. This means we now have our showroom, admin and logistics operations including warehouse and workshop in a single, much larger facility. We have now closed the Mount Maunganui showroom in Owens Place


How do Oak trees get onto the internet?

They log on. (sorry about that one..)