Why Oak?


Tradition - Oak. Even the word itself sounds strong! Made from one of the most versatile and durable woods there is, Oak cabinetry will be around a long time – longer than you, probably. A dense hardwood that grows slowly, developing strength, density and character, Oak has been used to make cabinets for hundreds of years. The Vikings even used Oak to make their longships. Oak cabinetry has always held a place of affection in English heritage - denoting strength and reliability, it was said that the British Empire was founded on the strength of oak wood.

Value and versatility - Oak is generally more expensive than other woods, but you get what you pay for. Cabinets made from oak add natural warmth and character to your kitchen and its timeless appearance lends itself to both classic and contemporary styles. All our oak cabinets are made using traditional joinery techniques to retain their quality, strength and durability, and whether you want to create a stylish modern look or a country-style rustic theme, we have the designs and finishes to suit.

Sustainability -  Our Oak products are made from timber sustainably plantation grown in Europe and North America. Some hardwood products claimed as coming from “sustainable” sources in the Asia Pacific region are manufactured from trees taken from native forests that will never regenerate at the rate they are being harvested.

Durability - Oak is a durable, heavy hardwood with a density of 0.75 g/cm3. Cabinets built from oak are sturdier than those crafted from most other hardwoods. If cared for properly, a well-made oak piece can last a lifetime. With high natural levels of tannin, Oak is fungus resistant and naturally insect repellent.